Council Business

Lower Bullingham Parish Council Meeting
Monday 2nd September 2019
7.30pm at The Forge Holme Lacy Road

1. Apologies

2. To co -opt members to fill current vacancies.

3. To receive declarations of interest on agenda items

4. To approve & sign The Parish Council meeting minutes of Monday 1st July 2019

5. Public forum: Members of the public may raise subjects they wish to bring to the attention of the parish council
(This period will be restricted to 10 minutes. Please note that decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda)
5.1 Ward Cllrs report

6. EZ Stakeholder Group
6.1To receive a report on the EZ SG meeting3/07/2019 from Cllr Barrow
6.2 To consider an invitation to all Cllrs on the Skylon Park Sustainability Showcase for all Cllrs

7 Lengthsman
7.1To consider a reduction in routine maintenance days from October 2019- March 2020
7.2 To consider other road maintenance work not covered in the routine maintenance plan for 2019/20
7.3 To note the location of Parish Council owned grit bins in the parish and mark up as appropriate as
” Property of LBPC”
7.4 To consider purchase cost of roadside mirror at Ridgehill junction £330(including fixing brackets)

8. Parish Footpaths
8.1 To note footpaths worked on since last meeting
8.2 To consider Parish Footpaths maintenance work required
8.3 To consider parishioners request concerning cutting back of overgrown vegetation on footpaths from Watery Lane towards relief road and beyond.

9.Highways & road issues
9.1 To consider ADL’s initial consultation on implementation of “No Waiting at any time” (double yellow line) restriction on Windsor road and its junction with Lower Bullingham Lane
9.2 To consider correspondence from The Engineering Manager Highways and Transportation Herefordshire Council concerning HGVs along Twyford lane, through Ridgehill and down to the A49

10. Planning
10.1To consider commenting on Planning consultation:192732 Lyndhurst Twyford Hereford HR2 8AD. Description: Converting an existing attached, stone barn, to be part of the ancillary accommodation to the residential dwelling
10.2 To note Herefordshire Council’s enforcement officer’s response to reported lapse of planning permission- 143546
11. Finance
11.1To note finance report & Bank reconciliation
11.2To consider the budget report
11.3 To consider invoices for payment
Terry Griffiths Invoices July TGC 0804 £227.00+vat. TGC0805 £150.00+vat,
GC0805 TGC0829 £150.00+vat, TGC0830 £280.00+vat (July invoices total £807.00 + vat)
Terry Griffiths Invoices August TGC0853 £282.00 +vat, TGC0854 £150.00, TGC0855 £50.00+vat
TGC0856 £130.00 +vat. (August invoices total £612.00 +vat)
Clerks re imbursement for postage £4.20
Clerks re imbursement ink cartridges £34.00
The Forge – room hire x3 =£90.00 +VAT
HALC Completion of Internal Audit 2018/19 £200.00+ VAT
11.4 To note payment of Clerks salary for August as per contract
11.5 To note PAYE payment to HMRC for August as £10.60
11.6 To agree payment of Clerks salary as per contract at the end of September & PAYE due to HMRC
12. Correspondence
12.1To note HALC information Corner and training
12.2 To consider booking training for Cllrs as appropriate
13. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meetings agenda.
(No discussion)

14. Next Parish Council Meeting– Monday 7th October at 2019 7.30pm at The Forge
K Greenow
Parish Clerk
Lower Bullingham Parish Council