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  1. Hi Lower Bullingham parish council. I was meant to attend your last meeting but unfortunately i could get back from work in time to attend. I live in Withybrook Close and have noticed the following things which i thought i would bring to your attention but also to see if the local parish could do anything about it/what the future plans are for this area.

    The road in Goodwin way is in a terrible state, with pot holes. Not only is it in a bad condition it appears that many people use it like a race track.

    The new footpath between the railway bridge on Holme Lacy Road to the Greenway footpath; there is no lights down there. Are there any plans in the future to add lighting to this part of the path?

    During halloween i noticed that within Goodwin Way and the Close’s that surround it there are alot of children. Is there any future plans to put a park in place on the field where the goal is situated currently. I have two children who would love to go and play and socialise with other children within the estate, however they do not have any facilities to help there with their physical development e.g. a play park/ball court. The closest play park to us is the one within St Claires Court, however with the amount of traffic that comes down Holme Lacy Road and the speed that they travel it is very concerning for myself to let my children cross the road as there is just nowhere to cross safely.

    What are the future plans on traffic calming down Holme Lacy Road?

    Thank you for taking time to read this and i look forward to your response and the next meeting where i can attend.

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