Council Business

Lower Bullingham Parish Council Meeting

Online via Zoom – due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

 On Monday 12th April 2021





 2.To receive declarations of interest on agenda items and any dispensation requests

 3.To approve & sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting Monday 1st March 2021.

 4.Public forum: Members of the public may raise subjects they wish to bring to the attention of the parish council. (Restricted to 10 minutes)

4.1 Clerks report

4.2 Ward Cllrs report

5 Lengthsman

5.1 To consider lengthsman work required.

 6.Parish Footpaths

6.1 To consider Parish Footpaths maintenance work required in the parish.

7.Highways & road issues

7.1To consider road issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty.

7.2 To receive an update concerning estimated costings for a TRO along a

section of Watery Lane.

7.3 To consider access issues from the Barns at Watery onto the access road

7.4 To consider nominating suitable sites in the parish for verge cutting by Balfour Beatty.


8.1 Planning Applications now due for consideration

8.1a application 210716 Twyford Brook Barn Twyford Hereford HR2 6AD

Description: Proposed single storey extension (orangery)

8.2 To consider Breach of planning permission issues

9. Finance

9.1. To approve PAYE due months 11 & 12 total £5.60

9.2To note scheduled d/d payment of Clerks salary as per contract for March 2021

9.3To consider invoices for payment.

A4 Office Products Stationery £14.85+vat


10.1 To note correspondence since last PC Meeting.

HALC – Information Corner

11.PC Meeting Venue

       11.1To consider a suitable venue  for restarting of face-to-face meetings from June (subject to

Government guidelines)

12.Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meetings agenda.

 (No discussion)

 13.To consider amending the date for The Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Parish Council Meeting to Tuesday 4th May at 7pm via zoom


K Greenow

Parish Clerk Lower Bullingham Parish Council