Minutes 4th July 2016

Lower Bullingham Parish Council Minutes
Held on Monday 4th July 2016 at 7.30pm at The Forge- Holme Lacy Road

Present: Nigel Jones (NJ) Chairman, C Peter Greenow, (PG) Vice Chairman Cllr David Whurr, (DW) & Cllr Dave Bowlzer. (DB) Nick Barrow, (NB) Cllr Andrew Fisher (AF) Barbara Frankham,
In attendance Parish Clerk – Kath Greenow, Chris Nugent Hydro logic consulting

1. Apologies for absence:
Ward Cllr D Summers

2. To co-opt members to fill current vacancies
No co – options took place

3. Declarations of interested. PG declared in non-prejudicial interest on agenda item 13. Finance 13.2 Clerks reimbursements

4. To approve & sign minutes of The Parish Council Meeting held on 9th June 2016
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign the minutes of The Parish Council Meeting held on 9th June 2016 as a true record of the meeting
At this point in the meeting the Chairman brought forward agenda item 7.

5. Open Session:

5.1 To receive views of local residents on parish matters
No members of the public present

6. Clerks report on action items
Nothing to report

7. To receive a presentation from Hydro Logic Consultancy Services regarding flooding issues in the parish
A presentation was given by Chris Nugent of Hydro logic consultancy concerning flooding issues in the parish and how these might be alleviated.
He outlined NPPF and the areas of flood risk relating to National policy, flood risk to people.
Discussion took place concerning the Southern Urban expansion in the parish and the concern the PC had with regard to potential flood risk. The PC would need to wait until the application came before the PC for comment and then consider whether to seek independent advice from a flooding consultancy service.

8. Lengthsman

8.1 To identify work to be carried out by lengthsman
It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman continue with stimming of the designated areas in the parish and that the lengthsman carry out an inspection of the ditches and drains in the parish and reports any defect requiring attention to the parish clerk.
8.2 To identify P3 work to be carried out by lengthsman
It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman is to attend to clear vegetation from the following footpaths LOB4 & LOB2.

9. Highways Issues

9.1 To consider road issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty.
Lower Bullingham Lane from Green Crize to Windsor Road, potholes need attending to.
9.2 To receive an update on overgrown hedgerows in the parish needing attention.
The clerk updated the PC on hedgerow issues in the parish. The overgrown hedgerow from the railway bridge leading towards Green Crize on the right hand side had eventually been cut back. Overhanging boughs and hedgerow at Redbrook and Ridgehill had not be addressed by the landowner.
It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk write to the landowner concerned and ask that the overgrown boughs and hedgerow be attended too as a matter of highway safety .Clerk was asked to send a copy of the letter to Balfour Beatty locality officer to ensure that he was aware of the PC’s letter .If the overhanging boughs and hedgerow had not be attended to within 14 days of the letter sent to the landowner the clerk was asked to contact the locality officer and request enforcement action is taken by Balfour Beatty.
9.3 To consider inviting Balfour Beatty officer to next PC meeting to discuss Phase 2 of The Holme Lacy Road Traffic Management Scheme
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk contact the Balfour Beatty to invite him/her to the next PC meeting in September to discuss phase 2 of the Holme Lay road improvements, which would be in Lower Bullingham Parish.

10. The Centenary Fields Programme – protecting valuable green space across the Country

10.1 To consider Greenway at the end of Goodwin Way as part of the -The Centenary Fields Programme – protecting valuable green space across the Country.
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk was to contact fields in trust to seek clarity as to whether the PC actually needed to own the area to be designated which was identified as part of Goodwin way. If the PC were able to designated the area, then an application was to be submitted to the fields in trust -The Centenary. Fields Programme – protecting valuable green space.

11. Neighbourhood development plan

11.1 To approve amended Lower Bullingham Neighbourhood Development plan.
it was RESOLVED: to agree the amendments made to the NDP draft and that the amended draft is sent to Kirkwall’s

12. Planning

12.1 To note planning permission granted by HFDC since last meeting.
No applications granted since last meeting
12.2 Planning application received since last meeting:

12.2a 161726 Land South of The Glympse, Green Crize, Lower Bullingham. Hereford
Outline planning for the construction of two detached dwellings closure of existing access and construction of new accesses
It was RESOLVED: to SUPPORT the application
Applicant: Owner/ Occupier

12.2b 160624 Wyeside Eign, Outfall works road Hereford HR1 1XY
Certificate of lawful development for existing use of land as B2 & B8 use
Applicant Mr S Williams
It was RESOLVED: to OBJECT to the application for Certificate of lawful development and we support the enforcement action being taken to require the site to be managed in accordance with its planning permissions. We concur with Hereford City Council regarding the use of a certificate of lawful development to seek to evade that action.

12.2c 161821 White House Green Crize Hereford HR2 8AA
Proposed ground and first floor extension
Applicant: Mr G Haughton
It was RESOLVED: to Support the application

13. Finance

13.1 Bank balance- Noted as £33976.36
13.2 To consider invoices/reimbursements for payment
It was RESOLVED: to pay
Halc invoice for Clerk training re Audit Answers£36.00
Clerk reimbursement of postage £11.53
Lengthsman invoices TGC 1640 £192.00, TGC1689 £422.40 = £614.40
13.3 To consider quotes for new laptop & maintenance package
It was RESOLVED: to accept the quote received from BOSS for the purchase of a laptop and maintenance package of £525.00+VAT

14. Correspondence
All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs or emailed as appropriate
14.1To note HALC information corner & training and book as appropriate – Noted

15. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meeting’s agenda. (No discussion)
None raised

16. Next Meeting– Parish Council Meeting at The Forge Holme Lacy Road
Monday 5th September at 7.30pm