Minutes 6th June 2016

Lower Bullingham Parish Council Minutes
Held on Monday 6th June 2016 at 7.30pm at The Forge- Holme Lacy Road

Present: Nigel Jones (NJ) Chairman, Cllr David Whurr, (DW) & Cllr Dave Bowlzer. (DB) Nick Barrow, (NB) Cllr Andrew Fisher (AF) Barbara Frankham, (BF)

In attendance Parish Clerk – Kath Greenow

1. Apologies for absence: Peter Greenow, (PG) Vice Chairman

2. To co-opt members to fill current vacancies
No co – options took place

3. Declarations of interested. None declared

4. It was RESOLVED to: approve and sign minutes of The Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 09/05/2016 as a true record of the meeting
It was RESOLVED to agree and sign the confidential minutes of 09/05/2016 as a true record of the meeting

5. Open Session:

5.1 To receive ward Cllrs report
No ward Cllrs report. No ward Cllr in attendance
5.2 To receive views of local residents on parish matters
No members of the public present
No members of the public present at the meeting

6. Clerks report on action items
No matters to report
The clerk reported on the issues relating to over grown hedgerow in the parish, main one being on the Hoarwithy road leading towards Green Crize from town. The clerk had email Cllr Rone as directed by the PC at the last meeting. Cllr Rone had visited the site with an officer from Balfour Beatty and it was his view that the hedge was not overgrown and advised as” If the PC want to get the hedge cut it would be subject to Wildlife Laws (nesting season) and at their expense, Bloor Homes have indicated that they would cut it probably in September but your Localities Steward does not think that there is a danger with this length of hedge at present and I agree with him.”

7. Update on flooding consultancy support regarding flooding issues in the parish
The Clerk reported that she had contacted Hydro logic service regarding flooding issues in the parish. Chris Nugent asked to have details sent with regard to flooding issues and he would compile a short report and attend the next PC Meeting in July

8. Lengthsman

8.1 To identify work to be carried out by lengthsman
It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman carry out a maintenance day during June
8.2 To identify P3 work to be carried out by lengthsman.
The footpaths need walking to identify work required

9. Highways Issues

9.1 To consider road issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty -Holme Lacy road improvements – concerns were raised with regard to the siting of the bus shelter opposite Tesco Express. The bus shelter had been sited further back and the pavement had been made bigger to accommodate a joint footpaths/ cycle path. The PC felt that it would have been better to provide a pull in off the road for the bus to pick up passengers which would allow other road users to use the road without having to wait for the bus to pick up passengers.
Road issues to report to Herefordshire Council. The C1261Hoarwithy road along the avenue of Oak trees is in a bad state of repair and needs attending too.
It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk email the locality officer to report the matter and request that it be attended too. A number of potholes have been marked up for repair and the clerk was asked to contact the locality officer to ask when they would be attended too.
9.2 To receive an update on overgrown hedgerows in the parish The Clerk had reported previously on the matter and
As previously reported by the Clerk Herefordshire council would not be taking the matter as advised by Cllr Rone’s (Cabinet member for Highways and Transportation)
It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk obtain quotes for the cutting of the over grown hedgerow, and report back at next meeting.

10. Neighbourhood development plan

10.1 To approve amended Lower Bullingham Neighbourhood Development plan.
Deferred to next meeting

11. Planning

11.1 To note planning permission granted by HFDC since last meeting.
11.2 Planning application received since last meeting:
11.2a 160526- Barn at Watery Lane Farm Lower Bullingham Hereford
Applications for prior approval for a proposed change of use of an agricultural building to business use. Noted
11.2b 161208- Unit 2a Folbigg Court Building 420, Ramsden Road Rotherwas Hereford HR2 6RQ
Proposed change of use from general use class B site to a D2 use (Assembly & Leisure – indoor climbing centre)
It was RESOLVED: to SUPPORT the application.
11.3 To note planning application Existing Roundabout of the A49(T) AND b4399, to a new roundabout with the A465 then joining the B4349 new single carriageway (Southern Link Road) and associated works will be considered at a Planning Committee Meeting 6th June 2pm at The Shire Hall Hereford.
11.4 To consider reporting breech of planning conditions on planning permission granted 143546
It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk report a breach of planning condition as set out in the planning approval of application 143546 to Herefordshire Council planning enforcement

12. Finance

12.1 To note bank balances
Bank balance noted as> Main a/c £34847.24 Community Projects a/c £5072.70
12.2 To consider invoices/reimbursements for payment
It was RESOLVED: to pay:
Halc invoice for internal audit £150.00 + VAT
Clerk reimbursement of postage £6.60
12.3 To consider attending to Parish Council lap top issues
It was RESOLVED that: The Clerk obtain 2 quotes for a replacement lap top
12.4 To consider replacement of noticeboards at Green Crize, Windsor Road & Holme Lacy Road
It was RESOLVED: to replace the notice boards at Green Crize, Windsor Road & Holme Lacy Road. The noticeboards to be replaced to match the ones previously purchased for Ridgehill.

13. Correspondence
All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs or emailed as appropriate

13.1 To note HALC Training and book as appropriate. Noted
13.2 To note Letter from WW1 centenary – The Centenary Fields Programme – protecting valuable green space across the Country
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk email the Entreprize zone group to see if they would be designating and area in the EZ as part of the Centenary fields programme

14. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meeting’s agenda. (No discussion)
Parish Map
BT – Broadband

15. Next Meeting– Parish Council Meeting at The Forge Holme Lacy Road
Monday 4th July at 7.30pm