Minutes 7th November

Lower Bullingham Parish Council Minutes
Held on Monday 7th November 2016 at 7.30pm at The Forge- Holme Lacy Road

Present: Cllr Nigel Jones (NJ) Chairman, Cllr Peter Greenow, (PG) Vice Chairman, Cllr David Whurr, (DW) & Barbara Frankham,
In attendance Parish Clerk – Kath Greenow and 2 parishioners

1.Apologies accepted from: Cllr N Barrow (NB) Cllr D Bowlzer (DB) & Cllr Andrew Fisher (AF)

2. To co-opt members to fill current vacancies
No co-options took pace

3. To receive declaration of interest on agenda items
PG declared a non-pecuniary interest on agenda item 10 Finance – reimbursement of clerk’s postage

4. To approve & sign minutes of The Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd October 2016
It was RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes as a true record of the meeting held on 3/10/2016

5. Open Session:

5.1 To receive views of residents on parish matters
2 parishioners present raised concerns regarding planning permission for housing in the area. The parishioner concerned had contacted Bloor Homes as she had recently moved to the parish and was told by Bloor homes that they had been given planning permission to build many homes in the parish. The Parish Clerk advised that nothing had come to the PC relating to a planning application for a number of houses, but they were aware that there would be a planning application made at some stage for housing as outlined in the in the Southern Urban Expansion Area. The clerk would contact Herefordshire Council Planning dept. to seek clarification on the matter raised
No members of the public present


6.1 Ward Cllrs report
No ward Cllr present at the meeting.

7. Lengthsman

7.1 To identify work to be carried out by lengthsman
It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman attend to putting in grips along watery lane. Salt that is stored at N.H Jones yard on behalf of the parish council needs to be moved to the lengthsman yard and to be stored inside. Salt bins need checking and attending to as required in preparation for winter
7.2 To identify P3 work to be carried out by lengthsman
The clerk advised that she had received an email from Nicola Goodwin to inform the PC that Hereford Triathlon Club together with Wye Valley runners are hosting a race in the cross-country league on Sunday 4th December. They are using a 2.1-mile loop advised that she was one of the landowners and that they have full permission to use the route. A risk assessment had been sent to the parish clerk, the clerk was also advised that the event will be insured through UK athletics and marshals would be in place on the day, and that there will be first aid cover. The clerk had been advised by Nicola Goodwin that they had informed Balfour Beatty and that signs would be put up the week before the event so that the public were aware of the event.
The information was noted by the PC but as the PC was not involved with the event no action was required.
7.3 To consider remaining in Lengthsman scheme for 2017/18 in the light of changes to amount of grant available from HFDC
Discussion took place concerning changes to the lengthsman & P3 scheme for 2017/18. The clerk was asked to contact Balfour Beatty to enquire about who is responsible for the maintenance of footbridges on footpaths, and if the PC could just continue with the lengthsman scheme and not the P3.
7.4 To consider quotes for contractors for verge cutting in the parish
The clerk advised she was waiting for quotes from contractors she had contacted

8. Highways Issues

8.1 To consider road issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty
No new road issues identified

9. Planning

91.1 To note planning permission granted/refused by HFDC since last meeting.
Planning permission granted by Herefordshire Council:
161726 Land south of The Glympse, Green Crize Lower Bullingham
Outline planning permission for the construction of two detached dwellings closure of existing access and construction of new access

10. Finance

10.1 To note bank balance
Noted as bond account £31873.38
Main account £32830.38
£10.2 To consider draft budget for 2017/18
Deferred to next meeting
10.3 To consider bond account interest and other interest accounts available from HSBC.
Clerk advised that she had contacted HSBC concerning accounts available other than a fixed bond account. An account that did give some interest was the business money manager account. Clerk asked to contact HSBC to clarify the interest rate and term of deposit.
10.4 To receive an update regarding quotes for replacement signage at St Vincent’s close
The clerk advised that she had contacted the locality officer for Balfour Beatty as the signage posts were sited on the pavement and clarity was needed if the posts needed replacing. The locality officer for Balfour Beatty has confirmed that the posts are ok and don’t need replacing. Clerk to continue with obtaining quotes for the replacement signage
10.5 To consider invoices/reimbursements for payment
It was RESOLVED: to pay:
T Griffiths Lengthsman invoice TGC £302.40
Clerks re imbursement – postage £4.80

11. Correspondence
All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs or emailed as appropriate

11.1 HALC information corner to consider training dates and book as appropriate
To consider letter from BT regarding consultation on the current programme of intended public payphone removals.
The letter from BT was noted concerning the removal of the telephone box at Ridgehill and lower Bullingham no objection to the removal of the phone boxes

12. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meeting’s agenda. (No discussion)
Budget /Precept 2017/18
Complaint to West Mercia Police re lack of enforcement on Holme Lacy road 7.5 weight limit at Rotherwas

13. Next Meeting– Monday 5th December 2016 Parish Council Meeting at The Forge Holme Lacy Road at 7.30pm
Light refreshments to be provided for the December meeting by Cllrs