Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 9th May 2016

Lower Bullingham Parish Council
Annual Parish Council Meeting Held on Monday 9th May 2016 at 7.30pm at The Forge- Holme Lacy Road

Present: Nigel Jones (NJ) Chairman Peter Greenow, (PG) Vice Chairman, Cllr David Whurr, (DW) & Cllr Dave Bowlzer. (DB) Nick Barrow, (NB) Cllr Andrew Fisher (AF)
In attendance Parish Clerk – Kath Greenow Ward Cllr Summers Dinedor Hill Ward

1. To elect Chairman
Chairman elected as Cllr Nigel Jones

2. Apologies
Cllr B Frankham

3. To elect Vice Chairman
Vice Chairman elected as Cllr Peter Greenow

4. To co-opt members to fill current vacancies

5. To elect members to following working groups

5.1 Finance working group – All Cllrs
5.2 Employment working group – NJ, BF, NB
5.3 Planning Working group – All Cllrs

6. Members elected to outside bodies

6.1 Rep to Hereford Entreprize Zone Stakeholder group – PG

7. To receive declaration of interest on agenda items
PG declared an interest on agenda item 19 Employment and left the room when this item was discussed.
The Parish Clerk left the room when agenda item 19 was discussed.

8. To approve & sign minutes of 11/04/2016
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign the minutes of 11/04/2016 as a true record of the meeting

9. Public forum: Members of the public may raise subjects they wish to bring to the attention of the parish council
(This period will be restricted to 10 minutes. Please note that decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda)
No members of the public present

10. Clerks report on action items
Ongoing issues with lack of enforcement from Balfour Beatty locality officer regarding the over grown hedgerows at Redbrook, Ridgehill and Hoarwithy road area.
The Clerk was instructed to contact landowners relating to the overgrown hedgerows that required cutting back as a matter of highway safety.

10. Lengthsman

10.1 To identify work to be carried out by lengthsman
It was RESOLVED to: ask the lengthsman for a quote with regard to overgrown hedgerows in the parish
It was resolved: that the lengthsman continue with grass cutting of the designated areas in the parish.

11. To receive and update on flood risk advisor progress
Clerk had been given a contact name of a reputable flooding risk advisor by HALC. Clerk to contact the company concerned and ask then to attend the next PC meeting
The Clerk was also asked to chase up arranging a meeting with the land drainage officer of Herefordshire Council

12. To note locality officers report
The locality officer report had been emailed to Cllrs previously and was noted

13. To consider Highways issues for reporting top Balfour Beatty/Herefordshire Council
It was RESOLVED that: The Clerk contact Cllr Paul Rone cabinet member for Highways concerning lack of enforcement by B/B locality officer.

12. Planning

12.1 To note planning permission granted/ refused since last meeting
Planning Permission Granted: Land north of Maes – Y – Felin Hollow farm Road Dinedor Hereford HR2 6PE –Change of use from agriculture land to equestrian
Refusal of Planning Permission- Land to north of Maes –Y – Felin Hollow Farm Road Dinedor Hereford HR2 6PE – Reformation of land to provide swale and installation of drainage pipes RETROSPECTIVE
12.2 To consider reporting breach of planning conditions on planning permission granted 143546 – deferred to next meeting

13. Neighbourhood planning

13.1 To receive update on NDP.

14. Finance

14.1 To note bank balance as per bank statement £35,024.61 community projects a/c £5072.70
14.2 To consider invoices for payment
It was RESOLVED: to pay
I.C.O (Information Commissioners Office) £35.00
Annual Insurance renewal Zurich Insurance £368.27
14.3 To agree &adopt 2015/16/internally audited accounts
It was RESOLVED to agree and adopt the internally audited accounts 2015/16
14.4 To note internal audit report and attend to any action items required
Internal audit report noted – update of PC assets required
14.5 To agree and sign Annual return, accounting statement
It was RESLOVED: to agree and sign Annual Return, Accounting statement2015/16
14.6 To agree and sign annual governance statement 2015/16
It was RESLOVED: to agree and sign the Annual Governance statement 2015/16
14.7 To note Bacs remittance of 1ST precept paymeny2016/17 £6000.00 Noted
14.8 To update asset register.
It was RESOLVED to update the asset register

15. Correspondence

15.1All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs or emailed as appropriate
15.2To note HALC information corner and associated documents
Correspondence noted no action required

16. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meeting’s agenda. (No discussion) Planning conditions, Flooding consultant

17. Next Meeting– Monday 6th June 7.30pm The Forge

18. To pass a resolution to exclude members of the public and press due to a confidential employment matter.
A resolution was passed to exclude the public and press due to an employment

At this point in the meeting Cllr P Greenow left the meeting as did the clerk the Clerk

19. Employment matters