Minutes December 2016

Lower Bullingham Parish Council Minutes
Held on Monday 5th December 2016 at 7.30pm at The Forge- Holme Lacy Road

Present: Cllr Nigel Jones (NJ) Chairman, Cllr Peter Greenow, (PG) Vice Chairman, Cllr David Whurr, (DW) & Barbara Frankham, Cllr Andrew Fisher (AF)
In attendance Parish Clerk – Kath Greenow

1.Apologies accepted from: Cllr N Barrow (NB), Cllr D Bowlzer (DB) and Ward Cllr D Summers

2. To co-opt members to fill current vacancies
No co-options took pace

3. To receive declaration of interest on agenda items
PG declared a non-pecuniary interest on agenda item 10 Finance – reimbursement of clerk’s postage

4. To approve & sign minutes of The Parish Council Meeting held on 5th December 2016
It was RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes as a true record of the meeting held on 05/12/2016

5. Open Session:

5.1 To receive views of residents on parish matters
No members of the public present


6.1 Ward Cllrs report
No ward Cllr present at the meeting.

7. Lengthsman

7.1 To identify work to be carried out by lengthsman
It was RESOLVED: that there was no work required by the lengthsman at 7.2 To identify P3 work to be carried out by lengthsman
7.2 To identify P3 work to be carried out by lengthsman
Some work requires on LOB2 by Camp farm. Lengthsman to inspect and attend to.
7.3 To receive an update on the Lengthsman scheme for 2017/18 in the light of changes to amount of grant available from HFDC
The clerk advised of changes to the lengthsman scheme for 2017/18.
It was RESOLVED: to continue in the lengthsman & P3 Scheme for 2017/18 and it was RESOLVED: that the Clerk completes the relevant form and sends it off to Balfour Beatty

8. Highways Issues

8.1 To consider road issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty
Ice and surface water is becoming a problem on the C1261 by Redbrook house, it was possible that this was down to water coming from Redbrook House. The clerk was asked to contact the locality officer and request he inspects the area and reports back to the PC.
Concerns about flooding at Rotherwas Bridge were raised by Cllrs and the clerk was asked to contact the locality officer to ask who is responsible for the maintenance of the pump that is located near the bridge and requests a copy of the maintenance schedule for inspection of the pump.
Holme Lacy road near the Wye Inn. Pot holes had been reappeared recently but needed attending to again. It is the PC’s view is that the repairs undertaken were of poor quality.
8.2 To consider lodging a complaint to West Mercia Police and others concerning lack of enforcement concerning recent matters reported to them regarding high volume of vehicles not adhering to the 7.5 tonne weight limit restriction under the railway bridge at Rotherwas
It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk lodges an official complaint with West Mercia Police regarding lack of enforcement of the 7.5 tonne weight limit restriction under the railway bridge at Rotherwas.

9. Planning

91.1 To note planning permission granted/refused by HFDC since last meeting.
9.2 To consider further comments on Appeal lodged under section 195/26K
160624 Wyeside Eign, Outfall works road Hereford HR1 1XY
Certificate of lawful development for existing use of the land as B2 and B8 use
Appeal Ref APP/W1850/X/16/31160127
No further comment

10. Finance

10.1 To note bank balance
Bank Balance noted as bank statement 5/11/2016 £64716.16
Community projects a/c £5072.70
10.2 To consider draft budget for 2017/18
It was RESOLVED to set the budget for 2017/18 and set the precept for 2017/18 as £12,776.00
10.3 To consider new bank account.
It was RESOLVED to defer opening a new bank account
10.4 To consider invoices/reimbursements for payment
It was RESOLVED: to pay:
T Griffiths Lengthsman invoice TGC 1830 £302.40
T Griffiths Invoice TGC 1874 for erecting parish council noticeboards £330.00
Clerks reimbursement postage £13.44

11. Correspondence
All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs
Correspondence noted

12. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meeting’s agenda. (No discussion)
Allpay credit card

13. Next Meeting – Monday 9th January 2017 Parish Council Meeting at The Forge Holme Lacy Road at 7.30pm